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We’d like to lift the obligation while still empowering Supports to be heavy participants in the vision game.

We hope with this small addition to the Skin Collection tab we’re able to give players who love skins a little bit more into the world they live in.In the future, we’ll also be adding the ability to sort by Skin Universe (did you know Project and Program share the same universe?) As we have close to 1,000 skins in the game, categorizing and ordering them is going to be an ongoing process. But with each patch we’ll be adding a few more until we’re all caught up.The park consists of five main vegetation zones, the foot slopes characterised by plains and lush forest home to elephant, leopard, buffalo, and many endangered small antelope and primates.On the eastern side of the mountain, Chala Crater Lake is also a must visit with its deep blue-green waters and surrounding 100m high crater rim.

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