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It branched out from there, and months later we've done tens of thousands of drinks with each other—mostly in New York and now in San Francisco. MW: We're a social club that sets up drinks between two groups of friends, three guys and three girls typically. We view it as a much better alternative to hanging out in a bar, and so whether it is to expand your social circle, make new friends, or meet a guy or a girl to date or hook up with, or whatever, we don't like labels.I'm dating a girl I met on Grouper, bringing things full circle. We just want to come up with a context for meeting people that's better than anything that currently exists online or offline.Instead of relying on machine-driven algorithms to find you a potential date or new friend in the real world, New York-based startup Grouper tries to do things a little more, shall we say, humanely.

Whether it's young professionals looking to meet other singles or for a friendly night on the town, Grouper aims to disrupt the bar scene and traditional one-on-one dating.ent back to school and graduated and moved to New York after graduating.I was newly single and looking for a way to meet new people that didn't have any labels attached, like meet ups or networking events or online dating.Ultimately the goal of all these social services are face-to-face interactions and new relationships.We found a really cool way to jump right to the punchline.

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