Prevalence of sexual assault on college campuses Online slave sex chat bot

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A 2014 report from the National Crime Victimization Survey suggests a lower rate among college students, and journalists have noted that there is now a “dueling data” quality to these conflicting reports.

The research on many facets of these problems is incomplete, but new reports and data-rich studies can help deepen perspective.

In December 2014, the federal Bureau of Justice Statistics released a report focusing on nearly 20 years of data related to rape and sexual assault among women ages 18 to 24.

(The 2006 CSA Study found that 6.1% of college males were victims of either attempted or completed sexual assault.)The “Not Alone” report makes a series of key recommendations that begin with gauging the scope of the crisis through routine, anonymous, campus-wide surveys.

From there, the Task Force encourages universities to engage their male students and encourage them to step in when someone is in trouble and become part of the solution.

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