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Certainly no other country in Europe could produce such a volume as this for so early a century.* I reckon that it would take a score of similar volumes to complete the history of the English Jews on the same scale for the 84 years that elapsed till their Expulsion in 1290. ♦ The German Regesten only contain some 150 items relating to the twelfth century. Much of my new material has been taken from the 35 Pipe Rolls of the twelfth century that still lie unprinted at the Record Office. This is also confirmed by the many entries I have given from the other Rolls printed by the Record Commission.* I stopped my extracts from these at the year 1206, as this terminus was sufficient to include specimens of the chief series of Rolls without overburdening the volume with legal details. During my researches among both the Latin and the Hebrew records^ of this period I have come to the conclusion, indeed, that during the last third of the twelfth century the English Jews held the lead in spiritual and literary activity among the Israelites of Northern. (I have discovered among them, as I think, a whole school of Massorites and grammarians, a couple of religious poets, a writer on astronomy, several exegetes of importance, and in particular I have vindicated for England one of the most important literary figures in medieval Judaism, Berachyah. ^-^The heroic story of the emeuies of 1189-90 with many a quaint passage from the chronicles will help to relieve the extracts of the Rolls but these latter form the basis of my work and will furnish, I trust, a solid contribution to the con- stitutional history of this country. Nakdan, henceforth, I hope, to be known as Benedict le Puncteur of Oxford. I have myself translated the greater part of the extracts from Hebrew works which fill one fifth of this volume and are printed in italics. Jewish Business and Deeds 307 List of Manors, &c., held by Jews. Money and Value in Twelfth Century 316 List of Prices. Jewish Contributions to the Treasury 320 List of Fines and Amerciaments. The Assize ot Jewry in the Twelfth Century 329 VII. Google This is a digital copy of a book that was preserved for generations on Hbrary shelves before it was carefully scanned by Google as part of a project to make the world's books discoverable online. Altogether, therefore, I am inclined to refer the Eclesiastical ordinances to passing intercourse with Gallo- Jewish [»ve-dealers, and not 10 any permanent Jewish population of Ingland before the Conquest. nf Cai'ibri Jgi,p.%, fines the date of the first Jewisli setlieinent in that town in 1073.] 1086. [The samcwhat unusual aame Manasses, f combined with the l&ct that a special license was required by him for buying the land, perhaps indicate that he was a Jew.

Such illustrations as are given are chosen in the same spirit as the text, and represent monuments, documents, sites, portraits, coins, etc. ENGLISH HISTORY BY CONTEMPORARY WRITERS 9Hje iiinvf0 0f S^n^etfitj ff Bn^lanif DOCUMENTS AND RECORDS FROM LATIN AND HEBREW SOURCES PRINTED AND MANUSCRIPT FOR THE FIRST TIME COLLECTED AND TRANSLATED 15 V JOSEPH JACOBS Corresponding Member of the Royal Academy of History ^ Madrid, and of the American Jewish Historical Society y Washington, LONDON DAVID NUTT, 270, 271, STRAND 1893 T^u(L32.;/.^^'^ / / HARV.-RO \ Lir '^'( BKDFORD : ARl HLR;j, RANSOM, PRINTKR, HIGH STREET All Rights Reser^oed. I HAVE included in this volume every scrap of evidence I could find in the English records, whether printed or inedited, that relates to the Jews of England up to the year 1206.

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